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Easy Video [American Psycho Fanmix]

Title: Easy Video
Fandom: American Psycho/Vaporwave
Summary: Ummmmmh... *mumbles something about consumerism/capitalism/other-buzzwords-that-don't-really-mean-anything*
Notes: Literally a joke in bad taste, and absolutely not meant to be taken seriously. Because sarcasm is fun.
Fanmix artwork (heavily) edited by me, from a screenshot taken from "American Psycho" (dir. Mary Harron, 2000).

1. Supernatural - Fibre
2. Beauty Exchange - Phoenix #2772
3. Fun Tonight - マクロスMACROSS 82-99
4. CITY - Architecture in Tokyo (ft. マクロスMACROSS 82-99)
5. // SUMMER VISION // - サイバーテロ8BIT.4UNK
6. Time Is Running Out - m ai t r o
7. C R I M E - bl00dwave
8. Around - SAINT PEPSI
If the embed doesn't work, you can listen to it here.

...I waste so much time.