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...So, technically, I was supposed to be writing an essay today -- obviously, that didn't happen. Not that I was creatively productive, either... ...I kinda got carried away browsing through old files on my computer, and I found this little drabble, and I figured it was worth archiving.
Eventually I'll upload it to fanfic.net as well, if their servers ever cooperate...

The Boy From Onett by lessermook
Words: 2,322
Fandom: Earthbound
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Paula Polestar, Ness, Porky Minch
Additional Tags: Friendship, Kidnapping, Canon Compliant
Paula was pretty wary of strangers, usually.
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Title: Easy Video
Fandom: American Psycho/Vaporwave
Summary: Ummmmmh... *mumbles something about consumerism/capitalism/other-buzzwords-that-don't-really-mean-anything*
Notes: Literally a joke in bad taste, and absolutely not meant to be taken seriously. Because sarcasm is fun.
Fanmix artwork (heavily) edited by me, from a screenshot taken from "American Psycho" (dir. Mary Harron, 2000).

Tracklist under the cut! )
If the embed doesn't work, you can listen to it here.

...I waste so much time.
lessermook: Chain restaurant Mach Pizza, its (unnecessary) cashier, and Ness. (pizza)
Pretty much the result of me having listened to the same songs over and over in the weeks that I played EarthBound. So, yeah, as if it wasn't already hard for me not to attribute these songs to the game, the more I thought about the lyrics themselves, I realized that, actually, they fitted really well with EarthBound canon. So there was no way I could not make this fanmix.

Title: Grain of Sand
Fandom: EarthBound
Summary: If EarthBound's story was told through music alone, I imagine this is how it might sound.
Notes: Fanmix artwork edited by me, from the original painting by Giorgio de Chirico.
Tracklist under the cut! )

Grain of Sand from impossiblesushi on 8tracks Radio.

Or, if the embed doesn't work, you can listen to it here!

Well, now that I've wrapped up that brief little distraction, I guess it's back to fic editing for me. Which wouldn't take me as long as it does, if I didn't have the irritating habit of adding in little details, extra sentences, new lines of dialogue, etc. as I edit. Someday, I'll be finished... ...and by that time, of course, I'll already have started working on another.
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